Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Ray of Light Award

The Ray of Light Award
sponsored by the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee

"When we engulf children with love, respect and consideration, we radiate an amazing Ray of Light"

Many dedicated professionals within our school district have touched the life of a child in Special Education in one fashion or another. From a teacher, to teacher's assistant, librarian, bus driver or other dedicated staff member, these people are the hard working and caring individuals who have taken the time to reach out to our "special children" and make a difference in their lives. To honor these dedicated professionals and to show appreciation, the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee has established the "Ray of Light" award.

Ray of Light Award
The Ray of Light Award is awarded three times a semester starting in October. The award is comprised of an acrylic prism, which signifies rays of light. The recipients will be recognized in PTA Newsletters, the School Zone Online and local/community newspapers. With permission from campus Principals/Supervisors the committee presents this award during a scheduled staff meeting.
Eligibility for Nomination
  • Any Spring Branch ISD employee who has touched the life of students receiving Special Education services.

Nomination Process

  • Any parent/employee of the district may nominate an employee who has contributed to the well being of a student with special needs.
  • Nomination forms may be picked up at any SEPAC monthly meeting held in the Administration Building, the Special Education office, or downloaded on the SBISD website.
  • Nominations may be returned at any SEPAC monthly meeting held in the Administration Building or at the Special Education office.
  • Deadline for nominations will be the 15th of the month prior to the award being received.

Nomination Selection Process

  • Selection of five nominations made by the current Co-Chairpersons of the Award Recognition Committee
  • The Co-chairpersons will submit the five nominations to the Award Recognition Committee for a vote.
  • Nominations will be kept current for duration of three months.


The Special Education Parent Advisory Committee encourages all to participate in this superb opportunity to shine a bright Ray of Light on a special individual in our district. Any questions regarding this award may be directed to Suzanne Doler at

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